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Building Jewish Family Culture

Dec 8, 2020

At the conclusion of this week’s ECJC Conference, I sit here in awe. It was a tremendous (albeit online) conference that felt so real, that the networking was tangible. I feel a deep sense of joy and satisfaction having had the confirmation from longstanding educators with decades of experience what I have known since I…

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If You Build It They Will Come…

Dec 8, 2020

“If you build it they will come” is a phrase that is often used by businesspeople and by motivational speakers to encourage people to realise their dreams. But what many people don’t know is that this phrase – or at least a variation of it – originates from a 1989 movie staring Kevin Costner called…

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B’seder (Satisfactory) is not Maspik (Enough)

Jul 5, 2020

Every parent claims that they want the best for their child, and in terms of education, every parent wants their child to do their best. However, there are times when the limiting beliefs of a parent – which may stem from their own negative or limited educational experiences – can hold a parent back from…

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L’école juive en ligne à la portée des petites communautés en Europe

Jun 30, 2020

Dans de nombreuses communautés juives à travers le monde, l’accès à l’éducation juive est limité. Zehud remédie à cette situation. L’un des débats les plus fascinants dans le Talmud porte sur la question de savoir si l’enseignement de la Torah devrait être accessible partout, et l’étude de la Torah à la portée de tout un…

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Accessing Ivrit in Croatia

Jun 11, 2020

Six years ago I began a personal research project with the aim of identifying the most constructive model for a Jewish Education ecosystem that would enrich, inspire and empower Jewish children in Europe. Specifically, my research addressed two issues: Firstly, how can Jewish children who do not live near a Jewish day School access Jewish…

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Online distant learning & not-so-distant-learning

May 18, 2020

As we know, Pesach this year was difficult for almost every Jewish family around the world, and as a resident of Italy where the coronavirus hit particularly hard, my Pesach was challenging, stressful and, at times, even tearful. However, while my home sedarim with my husband and children were very pleasant, the online mock-seder that…

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