What is Zehud?

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Zehud is an online Jewish school whose goal is to strengthen the future of Jewish Europe by connecting, engaging, and educating the future Jewish community members and leaders.

Zehud does this by delivering high-quality Jewish education to children in a cost-effective, engaging manner that enhances students’ identity by providing them with the Jewish toolbox of Hebrew language, literacy, and connection to Israel while also engaging their families in the Jewish educational experience.

Zehud teaches Hebrew and Judaic Studies classes to Jewish children aged 5+ in Europe and across the globe. Initially established in 2014, Zehud is primarily aimed at Jewish children currently attending public school who are looking for Hebrew and Judaic Studies enrichment classes, although we are also able to provide Hebrew and Judaic studies instruction to Jewish children attending Jewish Schools who are not receiving the requisite level of education.

We currently have students from around the world, spanned across 4 continents, and we are rapidly growing.

To find out more, please contact us at school@zehud.com