Due To Corona Virus lockdowns we are pleased to offer learning for children everywhere

We have hired the best and the brightest teachers, all of whom are Hebrew speakers and who have each spent significant amounts of time teaching children in some of the best Jewish Institutions in the diaspora.

4 lesson offer Beginners

Shavuot Sefirat Haomer and Lag Baomer - Beginners

Sefirat Haomer and numbers course_V2

Sefirat Haomer and Hebrew Numbers

More Nohav -  Hebrew / English

Hand drawn Passover (Pesach)2

Pesach Series

Mora Chana - Italian / Hebrew


4 lesson offer Intermediate

Shavuot, Sefirat Haomer and Lag Baomer - Intermediate

Hand drawn Passover (Pesach)2

Pesach- Intermediate

Mora Ayala / English - Hebrew


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