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Tracey Rosenfeld-Schueler Oxford, UK

Zehud came along at just at the right time for us. Our five-year-old was starting at the local school and we were looking to supplement his Hebrew and Jewish learning to the level that he could enter a Jewish school at any time and not be behind with Hebrew and Judaics. We have a lot of Jewish activities going on in our home but we knew that this couldn’t substitute a formal Jewish education. When we stumbled across Zehud, we found that it was a wonderful community of welcoming like-minded Jewish parents living across Europe who were also wanting a high-quality Jewish education for their children. We combine Zehud lessons with local Jewish community activities too which works well for our seven-year-old, with each one reinforcing the other. Equally though I’m sure that Zehud would be hugely beneficial on its own. We are so grateful to be part of the Zehud community and excited to see what the next chapter holds for this wonderful school.

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