Frequently Asked Questions

Which countries does Zehud service?

We primarily service Europe yet we also welcome students from countries all over the world. 

From what age can a child join our school?

From age 5

We will create infinite new classroons to service any school aged students.

What classes do we offer?

We offer classes in Hebrew literacy & Judaism, Jewish holidays and concepts.

How do we group the children by ability level/ Hebrew knowledge level?

We assess each student’s Hebrew level and place them in the class that is best suited for them.

Which digital platforms do we use for learning?

We run our lessons on Zoom and use Google Classroom. 

What curriculum do we use for learning?

The iTaLAM Hebrew language and Jewish heritage curriculum and the Bishvil Ha-Ivrit Hebrew language program.

What are the qualifications of the teachers?

All of our teachers have a Bachelor’s degree  in education and have taken professional development courses in teaching Hebrew as a second language. They are all trained on the programs they teach.

They all have veteran experience teaching Hebrew to children in Diaspora Jewish Communities, we require a minimu of 2 years diaspora experience.

How can I register my child?

Please complete the registration registration form and we will be in touch with you

What is the tuition fee?

150 E per month

How can I learn more about the school?

Please contact us at:

We would be more than happy to schedule a Zoom meeting with you so that you can learn in greater detail about Zehud and we can learn more about your families needs.