What We Do

Our Education

What do we do: Affordable, cutting edge, high-quality Jewish education wherever you live.

    • Zehud is an online Jewish school primarily developed for Jewish children in Europe.
    • We provide high-quality Jewish education with expert, qualified teachers who are often not available on the local level.
    • Classes are taught in Hebrew (Ivrit b’Ivrit) in order to promote Hebrew fluency and to be accessible to children no matter their native language. The use of Hebrew language connects these young Jews to the broader Jewish people, providing them a ‘passport’ to the Jewish people, and enabling them to participate in more Jewish experiences with other Jews.
    • We create community through formal and informal educational programs for Jewish children and their families.
    • Zehud's model addresses the lack of critical mass in small communities and provides affordable high-quality Jewish education.
    • And in certain locales, where parents choose not to send their children to the local Jewish school for various reasons, the Zehud online school provides these students with a top-quality Jewish education.
    • Zehud’s online model avoids the high operating costs of traditional schools (premises, utilities etc.) enabling us to direct our financial resources to teachers, technology, and materials.